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Prajna Learning Management System

The most Feature rich E-learning and Collaboration platform

Prajna LMS is a E-Learning, Collaboration and Content Management System, aimed at improving access to education and knowledge globally. The principal aim of Prajna LMS is Collaborative Learning.The highlights of our Learning Management System are easy creation of educational content, easy installation, intuitive interface, scalability, and flexibility

Neat & Flexible

Tons of Features

Easy To Use

Prajna LMS HighlightsThe highlights of our Learning Management System are easy creation of educational content, easy installation, intuitiveinterface, scalability, and flexibility

  • Collaborative Content Development

    A process model to unlock the potential of collaborative development given the cost of content, the under-resourcing of universities and the scattered nature of expertise

  • Content Publishing

    Prajna LMS helps centralize and automate administration,assemble and deliver learning content rapidly, support portability and standards

  • Online Assignments & Tests

    Online assessment is a powerful method to engage students, encourage learning and test student understanding of subject content

  • Facilitated Content Management

    Prajna LMS is web based facilitating access to learning content and administration with little or no programming knowledge and skills

  • Competencies based Management

    It follows a multidimensional & comprehensive approach, including tools such as competency management, skills-gap analysis, competency analysis & profiling

  • Online Publication of Results

    Online Publication of Results Allows Examiners to Score Subjective Questions Online and Publish scores / results online/ offline for convenience of learners

  • Individual Development Plan

    Improve skills, Gain new experiences, Learn about emerging trends and technology, Explore unique training anddevelopment opportunities, Identify resources to keep your career fresh and exciting

  • Skill Gap Analysis

    Skill gap tests aim at providing significant profiling information on the learner’s abilities and disabilities. These piecesof information enhance the organization’s strategic capability of building robust personalized learning paths according toorganization and learner needs.

  • Skills and Competencies Management

    Provides a multidimensional and comprehensive approach and include tools such as competency management,skills-gap analysis, succession planning, as well as competency analysis and profiling

  • Webinars

    Easy Collaboration and Sharing between students, teachers and Faculty. Engage Students effectively. Champion theFlipped Classroom

  • Multi-User Environment

    Provides a multi-user environment where developers, authors, instructional designers, and subject matter expertsmay create, store, reuse, manage, and deliver digital educational technology content from a central object repository

  • Tracking of Users Progress

    Users can visually track their progress using the progress bar or their profile. The Progress bar indicates the quantumof time the user has spent on a particular topic, the number of assignments completed and the scores recorded in the tests

9 pre-defined user profiles

  • Students
  • Tutors
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Session Coaches
  • Session managers
  • HR director
  • Portal Administrator
  • Global Administrator

Pedagogical Tools

  • Document Management
  • Assignments
  • Document Sharing (Drop Box)
  • Tests
  • Wiki
  • User Tracking/ Course Progress/Attendance sheets
  • Forum
  • Survey
  • Blog
  • Announcements/Platform-wide announcements
  • Chat
  • Agenda/Shared Calendar


  • Course catalog
  • Certificates
  • Real-time limit for Tests/Exams
  • Terms and Conditions Management
  • Social learning network platform
  • Customizable appearance
  • Training sessions/cycles Management
  • Automatic alerts
  • Dashboard for the Training Manager
  • Online E-Mail Editor
  • Private-, Group-, Course- or Session-Specific Chatrooms
  • Training Sessions/Cycles management

Standards Implementation

  •  Scorm 1.2
  •  AICC
  •  IMS/QTI
  •  Hot Potatoes
  •  iCal
  •  Other Standards Supported


Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2.3Ghz, 4GB DDR5 RAM, 100MBPS Connection Speed

800 simultaneously connected users (240 seconds timeframe)

32,000 courses

35,000 Unique Connections Per Day

2,29,000 Registered Users

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